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"Moonlit Elegance by Gebe: 300mm Golden Crystal Chandelier"
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"Introducing the Moonlit Elegance by Gebe: a chandelier that evokes the serenity of moonlit nights and the splendor of glistening gold. This 300mm circular masterpiece captures the ambient glow of the moon and infuses it with the warmth of radiant golden hues.

Each crystal, precisely cut and curated, has been designed to refract light in the most enchanting manner. As it illuminates, the chandelier bathes interiors in a gentle embrace, reminiscent of moonbeams dancing on golden sands.

Suspended with refined elegance, this chandelier isn't merely a light fixture—it's a statement, a piece of art. With its celestial allure, the Moonlit Elegance promises to elevate any setting, be it a modern lounge, an intimate bedroom, or a grand dining hall."


  • Celestial Crystal Play: Premium crystals chosen for their ability to mimic the gentle glow of the moon.
  • Golden Aura: Warm golden tones that infuse spaces with a cozy, luxurious ambiance.
  • Signature Gebe Design: Reflecting the brand's commitment to elegance and unparalleled craftsmanship.
  • Perfect Circular Form: Ensuring uniform luminance and a harmonious aesthetic appeal.
  • Energy Efficient: Engineered to provide maximum radiance with optimal energy consumption.

Dimensions: Diameter: 300mm

Material: Premium-quality crystal with refined finishing touches.

Care Instructions: To maintain its ethereal beauty, gently clean with a soft, lint-free cloth. It's advised to keep the chandelier turned off during cleaning.

Warranty: Two-year warranty, underscoring Gebe's dedication to quality and design perfection.


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