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Premium Silver Plated Metallic Hamper Gift Best to Corporate, Anniversary, Deepa
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 High Class Premium Silver Plated Metallic Hamper Gift Best to Corporate, Anniversary, Deepawali, New Year, Christmas, Bhai-doj, Karwachoth,  with premium dry fruits one tray and four cups elegant and cool design


  • Silver Plated Metal box with Almonds and gift wrap. (Almounds weight-450grams)
  • Container Contains 450grams of dry fruit.
  • Good Vibes: You can send good wishes, warm greeting, goodness of health on Diwali occasion. All of which will melt the heart of your loved ones.
  • Make your loved ones feel special by gifting them our healthy dry fruit box which is loaded with goodness of assorted dry fruits - almonds
  • Hygienically Packed: This healthy gift hamper is processed and packed in hygienic Process.


LassieHomeDecor Presents: The "Affectionate Assortment" Diwali Gift Hamper Tray with Bowl dry fuits etc.

✨ Convey Your Deepavali Devotion with LassieHomeDecor! ✨

In the warm embrace of flickering diyas and the comforting resonance of festive chants, it's time to wrap your affection in a bundle and send it across. Welcome the Affectionate Assortment Gift Hamper Tray – your heart's messenger to those you hold dear, exclusively crafted at

🎁 A Parcel of Your Presence:

Royal Dry Fruits: Every handpicked nut and kernel echoes your wishes for their health and prosperity.
Silken Chocolates: Like the sweetness you add to their lives, our premium chocolates melt to reveal pure joy.
Heartfelt Surprises: Beyond the decadent chocolates and rich dry fruits, we've added a sprinkle of delightful surprises that carry the warmth of your hug.
Crafted with Care: Every tray tells a story, not just of the festival, but of your love, artfully packaged and waiting to be unveiled.
🌙 Why Our Affectionate Assortment Is The Perfect Diwali Gesture?

Heart’s Resonance: Each item has been thoughtfully chosen, ensuring it resonates with the beat of your heart, carrying your emotions flawlessly.
Timeless Tradition Meets Modern Elegance: Our trays bridge the old with the new, just like the timeless bond you share.
Elegance Without Extravagance: Experience the joy of giving with a hamper that offers unmatched value, without compromising on luxury.
Sealed with Safety: Your love is precious, and so we ensure each hamper reaches as securely and promptly as your wishes.
💌 Distance Dissolves with Lassie’s Delightful Diwali Hamper

The Affectionate Assortment is not just a hamper. It's a bridge, shortening the miles, carrying your presence to their doorstep. It's your way of saying, "I'm there, celebrating with you."

⌛ Moments are Fading: Limited Hampers Remaining!

Your sentiments are shared by many, and our hampers are being embraced rapidly. Send your Diwali embrace before the moment passes.

🌠 For Moments When Words Fall Short

Let LassieHomeDecor's Affectionate Assortment do the talking. Because sometimes, love is best expressed not in words, but in gestures.

Send your love wrapped in elegance via This Deepavali, let's bridge hearts, one hamper at a time. ✨🍫🥂🪔💌🌌


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